Your brain is what makes you, you.
Are you doing everything you can to take care of it? 

As you age, it’s important to treat your brain like any other muscle and exercise it frequently! The good news is, brain exercise comes in endless forms, so you can choose whichever methods you like best. From creative activities like art and music, to cooking with brain-fueling superfoods, to trying a new stretch or meditation, it’s easy to find ways to Build a Better Brain!

Seismic Powered Clothing™: Intelligent, Wearable Strength 

Featuring Rich Mahoney, Founder & CEO of Seismic

Wednesday February 3 at 3pm | Online via Zoom

Staying active is a big part of keeping our minds and bodies healthy, but do you wish you could improve your mobility? Learn how robotics and wearable technologies are developing innovative solutions. Seismic’s Powered Clothing™ integrates discreet robotics to act as an extension of the body to help you move better and provide additional strength and stability. Rich Mahoney, Founder & CEO of Seismic, will share all about bringing robotics to people like you and how this high tech apparel works to keep you moving! RSVP now for this exclusive Eastmont event! 

BE! Brain Enrichment Course by Linda Sasser, Ph.D. 

Wednesdays at 2pm, Feb 10 to Mar 31 | Online via Zoom

Cost is $20 and includes the BE! course workbook

Take your brain exercise routine to the next level and join us for the BE! Brain Enrichment Course with curriculum by Linda Sasser, Ph.D.  Dr. Sasser has been studying and presenting on issues impacting brain and memory health for over three decades and developed this course with the primary goal of helping older adults maintain or even improve their thinking and memory skills.

Led by facilitator Robbie Nathan, this 8-week virtual class will consist of 60-90 minute interactive sessions in which participants:

  • learn about lifestyle practices for maintaining brain health
  • learn strategies for improving attention, mindfulness, processing and memory
  • socialize while engaging in exercises to strengthen verbal fluency, reasoning, problem solving and creativity

Don't miss this unique opportunity to boost your brain fitness with this educational experience. Class size is limited so RSVP today!

About your BE! course facilitator: Robbie Nathan has been in the senior health field for over forty years in home health administration, management and assisting seniors when selecting a new senior living option. She served three terms on the Seniors Foundation Board and was appointed legislative liason for the Coalition for Older Health Promotion. Recently retired, she is married to a career Navy man, has three grown sons and the perfect granddaughter. Her articles on life may be found in the Lincoln Journal Star Neighborhood Extra.


Building Better Brains Book Club 

Open to all ages, in any location!

Looking for something new to read or ready to join a virtual discussion group? Join the Eastmont Building Better Brains Book Club! Check out the titles our team has hand-picked:

  • January: The Vanishing Half-by Brit Bennett
  • February: Anxious People-by Fredrik Backman
  • March: Hamnet-by Maggie O’Farrell

Discussion meetings are open to all ages and will take place online via Zoom the last week of each month. Members are also invited to join a private Facebook page dedicated to the club that will provide information and ongoing conversations about the monthly book. 

Registration is required in order to receive Zoom discussion links and an invite to the private Facebook page. Membership includes entry into a drawing to win a copy of the book. 10 new lucky winners will be randomly drawn each month. RSVP today to get started! The January book discussion meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, January 27 at 6pm.  

Want to buy this months book? See links below to purchase on Amazon or support local by purchasing at Francie & Finch Bookshop.

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----------  PREVIOUSLY RECORDED WEBINARS ---------- 

Recorded on December 8

"Music, Memory & the Mind" - Featuring experts from UNO & UNMC

Music is one of the most powerful ways to improve your memory, so we’re bringing in experts to share their scientific knowledge and musical talent! Dr. Vaishali Phatak is a professor of neuropsychology at UNMC who specializes in memory, dementia and neurodegenerative disorders. Joining her is award-winning violinist, educator, and community leader Dr. Mary Perkinson, the Strings Studies Coordinator at the UNO School of Music and founder of “Sound Health: Bringing Music to Medicine.” The two of them host a conversation about the strong impact music makes on the brain!

Recorded on November 24 

"Balanced Brains & Bodies" - Featuring Madonna ProActive

Keep your mind and body balanced and in check by practicing the ancient Chinese art of tai chi. Expert instructors Keri Kramer & Mitzi Aden discuss and demonstrate the benefits of combining slow and controlled movements with your breath to promote inner peace, flexibility and strength.

Recorded on November 11 

“Read into a Healthy Mind” - Featuring Francie & Finch Bookshop

Want to challenge your mind with puzzles, learn a brand new skill, dabble in the art of Zentangle, or educate yourself on the science behind staying sharp? Leslie Huerta of Francie & Finch gives you the inside scoop on all the best brain-related reads in her bookstore.

Recorded on October 15 

“Mindfulness Matters” - Featuring Dr. Karla Jensen

Dr. Karla Jensen is a professor of communications studies at Nebraska Wesleyan University, where she incorporates yoga and mindfulness into her teaching. As a certified yoga instructor, she’ll help you find inner peace with stretching, meditation and other stress-relieving techniques and explain how these practices positively affect aging brains.

Recorded on October 2
“Aging with Intention” - Featuring Dr. Julie Masters

Dr. Julie Masters is a gerontology professor and the Terry Haney Chair of Gerontology at UNO. In her “Aging with Intention” talk, she will teach you how to maintain a more optimistic outlook on the ups and downs of getting older. As long as you take care of yourself and stay physically and mentally engaged, age is nothing but a number!

Building Better Brains: The Booklet Breakdown

Take meaningful steps toward prolonged mental clarity and a more fulfilling life with our jam-packed brain health booklet. Can't attend the virtual events? You can still request a booklet to keep you entertained at home! 

In the brain health booklet, you'll get a summary of our speakers' presentations, including handouts from Dr. Linda Sasser, renowned author and national speaker on brain health, plus pages of fun activities that will help you...

• Build Sharper Brains with cognitive challenges and games 

• Build Healthier Brains with simple exercises and nutritious recipes

• Build Happier Brains with social fun and tips for virtually connecting with loved ones

• Build Calmer Brains with mindfulness, meditation and stretching

Build Brighter Brains with creative outlets like drawing, music and more

Join us for a series of fun, educational and brain-boosting events this fall and winter!

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