Doing Good for Our Community

Established in 1997, the Eastmont Towers Foundation sustains the promise of lifetime financial stability and enrichment as well as upholds Eastmont’s value of service to others. As a resident of an Eastmont community, you can rest assured that we will partner with you to help ensure that we are protecting your residency and your future.


Monopoly for The Monarch!

The 16th Annual Monopoly for The Monarch Tournament will be held on Sunday, March 10th, 2019. Watch for further details in January!

Help provide end-of-life care to someone in need.

Our Mission:

The Eastmont Towers Foundation seeks, receives and administers philanthropic support for the need of the Eastmont Towers community and the benevolent programs undertaken by Eastmont’s residents and staff.

Pillars of Support

  • Life Care residents who find themselves in financial need can continue to live at an Eastmont community with dignity and independence.
  • The Monarch will provide benevolent hospice care to community members in need as resources allow.
  • Operational grants can be leveraged for specific improvements that enhance the quality of life for residents at an Eastmont community.
  • Support for our Eastmont employees who personify the Eastmont Way through tuition reimbursement and emergency assistance fund.

Foundation Board Officers and Directors

Governed by a dedicated board of community members, the Foundation’s assets are professionally managed so that we will always be ready to meet the needs of our growing Eastmont Living community.

  • Greg Sullivan — President
  • Jim Essay — Treasurer
  • Mary Jane Ringsmuth
  • Jill Jensen
  • Kris Rosenow
  • Jeff Ahl — Vice President
  • Dick Herr — Secretary
  • Dean Schneider
  • Doug Koenig

How Are We Doing?

View the Annual Report below to see what the Foundation was up to in 2016/17.

How The Foundation Office Can Serve You

The Foundation Office is here to assist you with your unique financial, estate and gift planning needs. We invite you to meet with us, without obligation, to discuss how we may help.

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Betsy Sheets, Director of Development and Life Enrichment, at (402) 486-2281 or BetsyS@EastmontTowers.com.

Freedom. Peace of Mind. Security.